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Which you have here seen held aloft, round andunadorned, the letters that karyn parsons naked reported may still be read, if one has thestrength of will to set the golden thing in the karyn parsons naked a while. That I have done,and this I have read:Ash nazg durbatul√ęk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatul√ęk agh burzum-ishikrimpatul.’The change in the wizard’s voice was astounding. Suddenly it became menacing,powerful, harsh as stone. A shadow seemed to pass over the high sun, and theporch for a moment grew dark. All trembled, and the karyn parsons naked stopped their ears.`Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris,Gandalf the Grey,’ said karyn parsons naked, as the shadow passed and the company breathedonce more.`And let us hope that none will ever speak it here again,’ answered Gandalf.`Nonetheless I do not ask your pardon, Master Elrond. For if that tongue is notsoon to be heard in every corner of the West, then let all put doubt aside thatthis thing is indeed what the Wise have declared: the treasure of the Enemy,fraught with all his malice; and in it lies a great part of his strength of old.Out of the Black Years come the words that the Smiths of Eregion heard, and knewthat they had been betrayed:One karyn parsons naked to rule them all, One karyn parsons naked to find them, One Ring to bring them all andin the Darkness bind them.`Know also, my friends, that I learned more yet from Gollum. He was loth tospeak and his tale was unclear, but it is beyond all doubt that he went toMordor, and there all that he knew was forced from him. Thus the Enemy knows nowthat the One is found, that it was long in the Shire; and since his servantshave pursued it almost to our door, he soon will know, already he may know, e.

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